I'm Vinitha Ganesan, Ph.D.,

Scientist / Health Coach / Entrepreneur

Scientist studying the biology of mind-body therapies & a certified nutritionist coach helping busy women achieve hormonal balance and peace with their bodies in 90 days or less. My focus is on 3 modalities: food, movement and breathwork, to improve health and vitality.

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Latest blog articles

This is my personal blog where I talk about research, facts and personal stories relating to healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

Evidence based metrics to track your health progress

Even though BMI (body mass index) and body weight have been ingrained into our brains through healthcare

Infertility in women and Chronic inflammation, what’s the connection?

Chronic low-grade inflammation is also associated with many of the conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and adenomyosis that cause infertility in women

Chronic inflammation and sexual life – scientific studies & personal stories

I’m putting my personal experiences out here along with some scientific facts and recent studies, in the hopes that this reaches other women who may be fighting an invisible illness.

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