About Dr. Vinitha Ganesan

Scientist, Health Coach and Entrepreneur

Dr. Vinitha Ganesan is not your typical Health Coach.

With a Phd in Biological sciences from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA), Vinitha started her scientific career in Biotechnology, Immunology research and commercialization of therapies.

She started her personal healing journey much before though, having been diagnosed with endometriosis (a chronic inflammatory condition that reduces fertility) at the age of 23. She made numerous changes to her lifestyle including meditation, adapting nutritional changes & exercises which helped her improve fertility naturally leading to a successful pregnancy. 

As an empowered mom & scientist at the age of 32, she launched her health coaching business to inspire and empower other people suffering chronic inflammatory conditions to make lifestyle changes in diet & exercise, which can make the biggest impact on one’s health.

Through her coaching programs and group fitness / wellness classes, Vinitha has directly worked with 100+ people in 4 countries across the world. Described as insightful and caring by her clients, Vinitha is on a mission to help people make positive changes in their lives so they can get more from their lives.

Are you ready to improve your health?

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